Introducing…The Carolyn Parkhurst Collection!

June 7th, 2011 § 2

If you’ve seen my book trailer for The Nobodies Album, then you already know about this exciting new venture.  I hope you’ll enjoy browsing the merchandise, and that you’ll take advantage of this very special opportunity to “be part of the dream.”

Watch the book trailer here:


VIDEO CREDITS:  Many thanks to filmmakers Gabriel Rhodes and Hope Hall, who handled all the production and editing.  And thanks to Jennifer Brickman, Dana Scarton, Amy Stolls and Paula Whyman for their excellent feigned annoyance.

(And by the way, yes–some of the merchandise is actually available for sale in the real world:


Item #34401: The Giving Thanks for Parkhurst Platter

Long after the turkey and stuffing have been gobbled up, you and your guests will be discussing the wisdom of this reviewer from Booklist, who called The Nobodies Album “A stunning blend of craft and ingenuity.”

Item #34402: The Carolyn Parkhurst Beach Bag

This sturdy, attractive bag is proudly emblazoned with a quote from Janet Maslin’s review of The Nobodies Album in The New York Times: “Ms. Parkhurst once again proves that she writes with crisp precision but can also make heads spin.”  Bring it to the beach, and you’ll start some heads spinning yourself!

Item #3XG07: The Bookpage Throw Pillow

Guests who visit your home will love this assessment from Bookpage: “Parkhurst has an uncanny knack for truly inhabiting her characters, laying their inner workings bare.”

Item #34409: The Literary Arsenal Mug

Just look at that beautiful lettering.

Item #33405: The Carolyn Parkhurst Beer Stein

Front view: The ‘P’ is for Parkhurst!

Back view: “‘Few authors are as adept at infusing page-turning storylines with emotional depth, both tragic and redemptive.’ -Donna Bowman, The Onion A.V. Club

Item #24601: The Parkhurst’s Voice Apron

This is particularly nice if you’ve invited me for dinner, but don’t like me very much.  A subtle, passive-aggressive crossing of your arms leaves “Parkhurst’s voice sucks” as the only text visible.

Item #17H: The Nobodies Album Onesie

Tell those less literary kids at story-time a thing or two.

Item #34411: The Mystery-and-So-Much-More Tiger

This adorable little guy has a message he wants to share: according to the Philadelphia Enquirer, The Nobodies Album is “A mystery, and so much more.”

Item #90210: The Life Without Parkhurst T-Shirt

Some people say that life wouldn’t be worth living without golf, or fishing, or grandmothers.  Here’s my saucy rejoinder!

Item #669744832: The Nobodies Album Trucker Hat

Soon, you’ll be spotting these at truck stops across the nation!

Item #58oo8: The Parkhurst for Pulitzer Pendant

Let’s show those know-it-alls at the Pulitzer Committee what the people really want!

Item #07734: The Nobodies Album Ornament

Class up your Christmas tree with this quote from NPR’s Maureen Corrigan: “A multi-layered new mystery…A literary house of mirrors.”

Item #73939: The World’s Most Awesome Novelist Doormat

Unfortunately, this one isn’t for sale.  I think we all know there’s only one doorway in the world that a doormat like this can grace.

Item #55997: The Nobodies Album Jewelry Box

A beautiful, heartfelt wedding gift, which will remind the happy couple that “Carolyn Parkhurst has an innate grasp of the fatal power of words.  She understands the power of language, and how one misconstrued sentence, or a confession never uttered, can be devastating.”  (USA Today)

Item #44556: Keepsake Crystal Block

I’ll just let Liesl Schillinger’s words from the New York Times Book Review speak for themselves: “With a light but sure hand, Parkhurst joins together four disparate literary forms: the family drama, the short story, the philosophical essay on language and the whodunit.  Her weave is smooth, a vigorous hybrid of the old-fashioned, the modern and the postmodern.  She reminds us what an act of will it has always taken for a writer to convert nobodies into somebodies, whether at the desk or in the world.”



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