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Praise for The Dogs of Babel

"Although ''The Dogs of Babel'' unfolds in simple, forthright fashion, it is a much more captivatingly strange book than is first apparent. At its best, it hides that oddness in plain sight....[T]his is a book that wears its symbolism on its sleeve, at great risk but with startling effectiveness....the book rises above its quirky particulars to reach a final moment of pure, stirring grace." —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

"An inventive first novel....I thought I knew a lot about love and grief....but after allowing myself to be swept up by [Parkhurst's] story...I found that I had gained fresh insights into those as well." —M.G. Lord, New York Times Book Review

"A wonderful tale of love and grief...Carolyn Parkhurst has created two compelling characters to take us through the shoals and delights of falling in love and into the calmer and sometimes more dangerous world of marriage." —Washington Post

"Enormously engaging on both an emotional and intellectual level. . . . I read it without stopping, and I loved it completely." —Anna Quindlen

"The challenge of writing a far-fetched story line is convincing readers to suspend their disbelief. Parkhurst does this admirably." —USA Today


"Parkhurst packs a serious literary arsenal, which she wields to good effect. Layers of allegory, symbolism, and mythic reference add texture and tension to the plot's unfolding....THE DOGS OF BABEL remains at its core a humanistic parable of the heart's confusions." —Entertainment Weekly

The brilliance of Parkhurst's novel lies in the subtle buildup of emotion as Paul digs deeper and deeper to discover the truth about the woman he loved. . . . The beauty of the novel lies in how powerfully that emotional wave hits the reader. An unforgettable debut." —Booklist (starred review)

"A searing portrait of grief that's also a love story and an engrossing
mystery." —Joanna Smith Rakoff, Time Out New York

"Elegant and ingenious. . . . An original, charming, and touching novel."
—Barbara Fisher, Boston Globe

"A book with a staggering emotional wallop." —Holly J. Morris, U. S. News & World Report

Praise for Lost and Found

"[H]er stories and her characters' voices--perfectly pitched to deliver insight without cheap sentiment--soar above the setting, creating one of the summer's best reads.... Parkhurst's surefooted, eloquent prose reveals everything in its proper time, and treats the unspoken fears of her questing, broken characters with uncommon grace... Rating: A+" —Donna Bowman, The Onion

"Parkhurst catches us again and again with these moments of real tenderness. Long before the end, the million dollars doesn't matter; other things, far more important, are found here. And that's reason enough to tune in." —Ron Charles, The Washington Post Book World

"[A] deeply affecting page-turner.... Parkhurst endows each [character] with complexity and pathos, even when she doesn't approve of the choices they make. What emerges is less a satire than a straightforward character study—one that we're reluctant to put down even after the last contestant crosses the finish line." —Rebecca Marx, Elle Magazine

"Thoroughly original and inventive, peopled with engaging characters, and just plain fun, this second novel deserves to be as big a hit as the reality shows it genially pokes fun at." —Booklist (starred review)

"There is plenty of material in reality TV for a vicious satire, but Parkhurst, author of The Dogs of Babel , takes a gentler approach, allowing earnestness to trump savage commentary.... [W]hat makes this... fun is not the suspense of who wins but the eventual adaptation of the players to the real game — life." —Connie Ogle, Miami Herald

"[C]ampy but never cartoonish.... Parkhurst, an astute student of reality TV, makes clever use of the genre's conventions.... [S]atire so on-point, you'd swear you've already seen this series." —Alynda Wheat,Entertainment Weekly

"Parkhurst treats the game show as an opportunity for the contestants to decide, as the producer asks of them, "What have you found?" The answer for readers: heart and wit to spare." —Publisher's Weekly

"[A] delightfully complex and deliciously fast-paced novel that's sure to be on everyone's beach reading list this summer.... Parkhurst manages to make this a thoroughly enjoyable journey from its enticing start to its completely satisfying ending. Highly recommended." —Library Journal

"Lost and Found pulls us by the hand to witness the inexpressible tenderness and cruelty of real emotion in the last place we would expect to find it -- among the contestants on a reality TV show. Sly and sage, it slips the dreaded mantle of the 'topical' novel, and entertains as surely as it beguiles." —Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean and Cage of Stars

"Who knew that a fictional reality TV show could be the source of so much emotional truth! LOST & FOUND is a bittersweet, wry, wonderful look at where we find honesty in our relationship, our hearts, and ourselves. " —Jodi Picoult, author of The Tenth Circle and My Sister's Keeper



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